The Center has Launched!

On January 4th, Green Bronx Machine officially launched The National Health, Wellness and Learning Center at CS55! What was originally unused library space is now a sustainable and entirely self-sufficient garden, classroom, and kitchen; a 21st Century State of the Art Learning Facility. The opening of the Center allows Green Bronx Machine to keep doing[…]

The Green Bronx Machine Mobile Classroom Kitchen!

Developed right here by Green Bronx Machine and PortEquip, this exciting mobile, professional grade kitchen is revolutionary in the world of culinary and nutritional education. Fully equipped with a sink, stove, oven, refrigerator, steamer, and storage space, the Green Bronx Machine Mobile Classroom Kitchen is easily maneuvered and can travel to any classroom at CS55![…]

Exciting News for 2016

We’ve had some great things going on here in the past few months, and things are looking great for 2016 as well! First, Green Bronx Machine was featured on PBS in the documentary In Defense of Food, featuring best-selling author Michael Pollan – you can still watch it online. On January 6 El Capitan traveled to Detroit[…]