We need your continued support


Help us make a difference in the lives of Irene and Sula!

With four of the five highest per capita COVID-19 infection rates per zip code in NYC, many of the families we serve were hit the hardest from the pandemic. Stores and local grocers closed, and life has changed so quickly for many of our most food insecure neighbors. We have found incredible ways to get healthy food to those who needed it most, and gifts from donors like you brought fresh, healthy, fruits and vegetables to those in need!

Irene and Sula are cancer patients at Memorial Sloan Kettering. We developed a program with the hospital to deliver food from our garden and pantries to patients while they wait for their vaccines. This keeps the patients safe, and brings healthy food to their doorstep. Please help us continue to keep our communities safe and healthy as they wait for their vaccines, and click on the link below to renew your gift.