Two New Episodes Live From UAE – The Green Shiekh and Growing Food in the Desert

Now you can binge watch just in time for end of school and summer fun! We’re so excited to debut two new episodes of Let’s Learn With Mister Ritz filmed live in the United Arab Emirates with our new friend, Khalid the Camel! Khalid and Mister Ritz become best friends quickly as Mister Ritz travels to UAE to learn all about growing food, Emirati Culture, and His Royal Highness HRH – The Green Sheikh.

In “Mister Ritz Learns What Grows in the Desert,” Mister Ritz visits ICBA – the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture – and learns all about growing food in the desert and halophytic (salt loving) plants. In “Mister Ritz Learns What Makes The Green Sheikh Green” Mister Ritz highlights his friendship with His Royal Highness, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali al Nuaimi and learns that “green” is a mindset. For years, people have been fascinated by their unique relationship and this episode dives deep into Emirati Culture, personal development, and actionable advice for all – young and old. It opens with Mister Ritz wandering the desert seeking answers and culminates with him taking a sand bath built on trust!

We’re sure you’re going to LOVE Khalid and both of these new episodes – filled with lots of Science / STEM content – along with culture, art, and social-emotional learning! These highly educational, family-friendly episodes are perfect as we head into summer. Can’t stop, won’t stop – be sure to watch and let us know your thoughts!

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