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GBM Curriculum Cover

The Green Bronx Machine Classroom Curriculum turns any school or community gardening program into an academic and standards-based learning experience. Students learn critical thinking and problem solving as they explore, discover, and create their own ecosystem. It is easy to implement, and engages students with inter-disciplinary, hands-on, project-based learning. Created by administrators and educators specifically for educators, each standards-aligned lesson plan and activity set helps students meet a core academic requirement, while also fostering deep knowledge about gardening, food production, and health and wellness. Lesson plans focus on Science, Math and Language Arts, and easily extend to Technology, History, Art and Cooking. Each plan includes supplemental lesson ideas, student handouts, and assessment tools, such as rubrics, exit tickets and reflective journals.

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National Health, Wellness and Learning Center

Green Bronx Machine maintains The National Health, Wellness & Learning Center at CS 55, an innovative and engaging wonderland where students and teachers grow their way towards a brighter future. This classroom laboratory functions as a testbed for agricultural technology and as scalable model, currently being replicated in over 6,000 schools across North America.

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