2020 Impact Report

We’re proud to share that in 2020, we amassed 6,340 VOLUNTEER HOURS dedicated to student support, food distribution, farming, and partnership development – THAT MEANS 100% of your donation went to programs and impact below! Thanks for all you do – clearly, we are stronger together! View the full 2020 Impact Report.

Despite the challenges that COVID-19 posed to education and food systems in the United States, Green Bronx Machine promptly adjusted the community needs and: Delivered more than 100,000 pounds of food, Rescued more that 10,000 pounds of food, Helped feed 2,300 people daily, Grew more than 5,000 pounds of local Bronx food, Brought students on socially-distant field trips, Held online cooking classes, Built three food pantries, Created local farm stands, Hosted more than 200 digital lessons, Trained hundreds of teachers, Delivered foods weekly to 30 cancer patients and 55 vulnerable families in our community.

We can’t stop and won’t stop until we bring relief to every member of our community. Now more than ever, your support matters! With the frigid weather here and schools still closed – please help support our emergency relief fund and make a donation today!