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Green Bronx Machine Classroom Curriculum

GBM Curriculum Cover

An immersive whole-school curriculum that aligns the art and science of growing vegetables with daily academic instruction in all subject areas. This project-based and standards-aligned learning experience helps students learn critical thinking and problem solving as they explore, discover, and create their own ecosystems.


9 Weeks of Daily Departmentalized Project-Based Hands-On Lessons

Cross Disciplinary, Standards-Based, and Fully Differentiated Lessons

All Classroom Materials and Student Activities

Pre- and Post-Program Evaluations, Assessments, and Exit Tickets

Lifetime Site License and Comprehensive Data Management

Direct Communication with Stephen Ritz

Video Tutorials and more than 600 Active Links


100% of All Teachers Report the Program Exceeded Expectations

100% of All Teachers Enjoyed Hands-On and Project-Based Learning

100% of All Teachers Saw an Increase in Social-Emotional Engagement

94% of All Students Want to Repeat the Program

84% of All Students Learned How to Properly Identify and Display Data

82% of All Students Now Talk About Healthy Eating with Their Families

75% of All Students Actively Ate More Fresh Vegetables

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The Green Bronx Machine Classroom Curriculum is easy to implement, and engages students with inter-disciplinary, hands-on, project-based learning. Created by administrators and educators specifically for educators, each standards-aligned lesson plan and activity set helps students meet a core academic requirement, while also fostering deep knowledge about gardening, food production, and health and wellness. Lesson plans focus on Science, Math and Language Arts, and easily extend to Technology, History, Art and Cooking. Each plan includes supplemental lesson ideas, student handouts, and assessment tools, such as rubrics, exit tickets and reflective journals.

The dynamic, collaborative experience of learning to garden and produce food creates transformational results. Students from all walks of life are inspired to take pride in something they are building and cultivating, opening a door through which additional learning can take place. And for students in high-need and low-status communities, learning to grow their own food can lead to personal and professional opportunities which can be nothing short of life changing. The Green Bronx Machine Classroom Curriculum helps educators reach students of all ability academically while also teaching personal responsibility, building entrepreneurial skills, promoting workforce development, and transforming lives, one lesson plan and seed at a time.


“My students and I loved this program. The lessons were thoughtful and engaging.”

“Academic results were spectacular… school became FUN!”

“Team GBM was a pleasure to work with. We love the unlimited support and professional development.”

“The lessons were brilliant, engaging, and the assessments and exit tickets supported all levels of instruction.”

“I didn’t expect to have so much fun managing a verdant garden in the middle of my classroom – talk about hands-on!”

“The entire program was so well thought out and aligned perfectly to everything we were doing in school daily.”

Green Bronx Machine In-A-Box

Includes the GBM Classroom Curriculum and a GBM Deluxe Tower Garden Kit

A wholly immersive garden to table experience for students, teachers and parents alike!

Measuring cups, spoons, flatware, serving ware, a blender, plates, bowls, and cups, and everything you need to clean, prepare, and serve a delicious and nutritious locally grown meal for the whole classroom.

Mobile Classroom Kitchen

Cook, bake, & broil with burners and ovens

Serve with portable Bain Marie

Film and broadcast with A/V equipment

Power appliances with outlets & USB ports

Sink and water tanks teach proper hygiene

Classroom-safe fire safety equipment

USDA, NFS, and DOE approved and UL listed

Easy to move with heavy duty lockable wheels, lightweight aluminum diamond plate construction, and removable prep tables