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Tower Garden Our Favorite Home, Classroom, and Commercial Technology - You Can Grow Anywhere!


Green Bronx Machine Bundle

  • Our #1 choice for schools and classrooms
    – the model we use in schools!
  • Includes heavy-duty Tower Garden Flex
    with 28 full size ports
  • Includes full spectrum LED lights
  • Includes additional accessories
  • Includes two years worth of seeds and rockwool
  • Includes two years worth of nutrients
  • Arrives 100% ready for classroom teaching
    and growing!
  • Complete price including US delivery $1,385

Tower Garden Home

  • Designed for indoor use
  • 16 full size growing ports
  • 16 microgreen ports
  • Adjustable full spectrum LED lights included
  • 8 gallon water reservoir with
    water level indicator
  • Built-in wheels
  • Gorgeous, high quality fit and finish
  • Starter kit and seeds included
    – arrives 100% ready to grow!
  • Complete price including US delivery $1,020

Tower Garden Flex

  • Designed for indoor or outdoor use
  • 20 full size growing ports
    (can be expanded to 28)
  • 20 gallon heavy duty water reservoir
  • Available with or without full spectrum
    LED lights
  • Heavy duty wheel kit available
  • Starter kit and seeds included
    – arrives 100% ready to grow!
  • Base unit without lights or accessories
    including US delivery starts at $670

Tower Farm

  • Any quantity of Towers!
  • Greenhouse compatible
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Perfect for commercial applications,
    including restaurants or stadiums!
  • Community or commercial applications
  • Please contact us for a quote depending
    on size and needs

Thanks for your interest in Tower Garden. Green Bronx Machine is proud to use Tower Garden as their classroom aeroponic technology of choice. In fact, we have partnered directly with Tower Garden to offer the Green Bronx Machine Tower Garden Bundle to schools across America in support of our Green Bronx Machine Classroom Curriculum. This complete package offers a one stop, single shipment process that ensures years of classroom success and supplies in one simple, complete order.

Whether you are interested in a Tower Garden for your classroom, your office, your home – including the new Tower Garden home unit – a commercial farm or larger project, we are delighted to help. GBM has helped place thousands of Tower Gardens across the nation, and has worked with schools, universities, school districts, housing providers, and even senior centers to help folks everywhere experience the joy of growing something greater.

We’ve worked with Fortune 100/500 companies and top athletes and celebrities, nationally and internationally, to create branded opportunities, CSR initiatives, and community outreach projects in support of schools, non-profits, and community development projects with 100% satisfaction.

No matter what your needs – be it a single home unit or flex – or a 1,000 tower commercial farm – or school system roll-out, GBM is committed to getting you the best service, an experienced local provider, and ongoing on-the-ground support for the best results. We are also delighted to be your non-profit partner for public-private partnerships, grant and foundation applications, and community development proposals.