Learning Garden at CS – Community School 55

Our outdoor Learning Garden at CS – Community School 55 is the pride and joy of the community. Decorated by students in collaboration with Bronx Children’s Museum, our garden is host to classes, recitals, summer camps, scavenger hunts and parades. One of the most productive community gardens per square inch in all of NYC –[…]

Green Bronx Machine Summer Culinary Garden Camp

We were proud to partner with both Sodexo and an anonymous donor to provide the first ever Summer Culinary Garden workforce development camp for free and all inclusive. This camp involved cooking from scratch, exercise, vocational awareness, and farming on a daily basis.  

The National Health, Wellness & Learning Center at CS 55

We have just inherited a 60 x 25 foot empty library in a 100+ year old school building as our future home, and we dream of turning it into the National Health and Wellness Center in the South Bronx; an innovative and engaging wonderland where students and teachers can grow their way and work towards a brighter future.

Food For Others Garden

  The Food for Others Garden is one of our favorite long-standing student projects located on a decommissioned city street. We have been growing fresh food for Part of the Solution, a ‘one-stop shop’ helping low-income individuals and families move from crisis to stability, and ultimately self-sufficiency.

Hyde Leadership Charter School

The first school where we installed Tower Gardens and made the larger connection to academics across all content areas. Our students here farmed their way to the White House and back. This program was the springboard to opportunities with NBC, ABC, TNT, Office Depot and many more.

JVL Wildcat Academy

One of our signature dedicated school installations including hydroponics, aeroponics, Tower Gardens, and seedling stations was even recognized by Mayor Bloomberg. Our program and installation here has been featured on TNT, PBS, Disney, Progressive, among others.

Bronx Zoo Farm

Given El Capitan’s mantra to teach children about both nature and nurture, we were proud to partner with our friends FarmOn! Foundation to build a children’s farm at the Bronx Zoo. Filled with interactive educational activities, participants learned about local initiatives, got their hands dirty, and fed themselves and some of the local animals. Here[…]

Our Incredible Edible Wall

Green Bronx Machine has always been known for edible classrooms. We were the first organization to build a 100% edible classroom in America. We continue to iterate with all sorts of technology to help students grow something greater. We love growing food indoors aligned to high performing schools. We know if children grow it, they[…]

Tastes of the World

This New York Times signature event brings together chefs, students and programs from all around the world. Along with our partner chefs, Bill Yosses and ‘Super Chefs’, we are delighted to present and host students and schools from across New York City and around the world. Here we learned about and subsequently helped iterate the[…]