Garden Curriculum Overview

Additional Resources for the Garden Curriculum Overview
Standards Alignment, Curricular Components, Lessons, Supplemental Lesson Ideas, Planning for Success, Safety, Tower Garden Basics, Fuel the Machine

Week 1: A Fresh Start

Additional Resources for Week 1
Lesson 1: Sowing Seeds
Lesson 2: Measure What!?
Lesson 3: My Plant Journal
Digging Deeper: Journaling, Tower Garden: Vocabulary Wall, Interactive Journals, Up Close with Seeds, Time-lapse Photography and Digital Data, Rockwool: Amazing but Itchy, In The Kitchen

Week 2: Aeroponics!

Additional Resources for Week 2
Lesson 1: Tower Garden Puzzler
Lesson 2: Germination Calculation
Lesson 3: DIY Seed Packets
Digging Deeper: Journaling, Germination in a Bag, Class Blog, Customize Your Tower Garden, Staple Crops Around the World, Survey Your Families, In the Kitchen

Week 3: Know a Plant

Additional Resources for Week 3
Lesson 1: Plant Anatomy
Lesson 2: Hydro Math
Lesson 3: Dear Plant
Digging Deeper: Journaling, How Do We Use Plants?, What’s in that Light?, Genetically Modified Food Debate, Where in the World is Stephen Ritz?, Reading to Plants, In the Kitchen

Week 4: It’s in the Water

Additional Resources for Week 4
Lesson 1: H2Know
Lesson 2: Living Data
Lesson 3: Hooked on Ponics
Digging Deeper: Journaling, Visualizing Data Gallery Walk, Lunch with Ladybugs, The Water Crisis, Green School in the City, Filter It!, Recording Songs, In the Kitchen

Week 5: Conditions to Grow

Additional Resources for Week 5
Lesson 1: Acid or Base?
Lesson 2: Measuring Roots
Lesson 3: Dear Student
Digging Deeper: Journaling, Where to Grow?, Plant Infographics, Plantable Paper, Dear World, Feeding Time!, In The Kitchen

Week 6: Growing Up

Additional Resources for Week 6
Lesson 1: Green Leaves
Lesson 2: Solve My Problem
Lesson 3: Figuratively Speaking
Digging Deeper: Journaling, Predator-Prey Game, Be the Bee, Catch the Sun, Light Experiments, Innovative Commercial Gardening, In the Kitchen

Week 7: Choices We Make

Additional Resources for Week 7
Lesson 1: Healthy Choice
Lesson 2: Menu Math
Lesson 3: You’re Invited
Digging Deeper: Journaling, Nutrition Fact Comparison, Bullying Plants, Conventional vs. Organic, Electronic Invitations, Fruit or Vegetable?, In the Kitchen

Week 8: From Seed to Table

Additional Resources for Week 8
Lesson 1: Be Food Safe
Lesson 2: From Student to Entrepreneur
Lesson 3: Ode to the Tower Garden
Digging Deeper: Journaling, 3D Print It, Class Recipe Book, Food Celebrations Around the World, In the Kitchen

Week 9: The Cycle Continues

Additional Resources for Week 9
Lesson 1: Problem Solution
Lesson 2: How Have I Changed?
Lesson 3: Convince Me!
Digging Deeper: Journaling, SEED: The Untold Story, Data Crunching with Science Journal App, Word Clouds, Join a Larger Movement, Tower Garden Times, Learning Roadshow, In the Kitchen

Video Training

Additional Video Resources
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Curriculum Overview
Chapter 3 – Week 1: A Fresh Start
Chapter 4 – Week 2: Aeroponics
Chapter 5 – Weeks 3 & 4
Chapter 6 – Weeks 5 & 6
Chapter 7 – Weeks 7 & 8
Chapter 8 – Week 9: The Cycle Continues