Tower to Table to Tummy

Fabulous Fatoush SALAD

In this episode, Mister Ritz harvests parsley, scallions, lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes right from his Tower Garden and combines them with crunchy radishes and crispy pita chips for a Middle-Eastern-inspired GBM Fabulous Fatoush Salad. The fractions discussed here are eighths

2 parts Lettuce
2 parts Cucumber
1 part Radish
1 part Tomato
1 part Scallion
1 part Pita Chips
Salad Dressing

Blowout Basil-citrus SALAD

In this episode, featuring basil, oranges, nuts, and a squeeze of lime, Mister Ritz combines the green goodness of a Tower Garden-grown basil-based salad, punctuated with the zesty sweetness of citrus in a vitamin-rich dish! The fractions discussed here are sixths

3 parts Basil
1 part Oranges
1 part Blood Oranges
1 part Almonds (beware of nut allergy)
A squeeze of Orange Juice
A squeeze of Lime Juice


In this episode, Mister Ritz harvests spicy arrrrrrrrugula right from his Tower Garden and combines it with crunchy, refreshing watermelon and deliciously funky feta cheese. Most importantly, Mister Ritz reminds students that it’s always better to crumble the cheese than to cut the cheese in class. The fractions discussed here are fifths.

2 parts Watermelon
2 parts Arugula
1 part Feta Cheese
Lime Juice