Growing a Greener World – EMMY WINNING Episode 808

In the years of creating episodes for our national television series, Growing a Greener World on PBS, we’ve had the privilege of meeting and featuring some of the world’s most genuine heroes to tell their extraordinary stories.

Each is doing something incredible for people or the planet through organic gardening, healthy food, nurturing sustainable lifestyles and more.

Green Bronx Machine

Stephen Ritz – The man with the ever-present cheese hat, and founder of the Green Bronx Machine. And perhaps the most tireless man we’ve ever met.

Then along came Stephen Ritz, educator, creator, and founder of the Green Bronx Machine. It’s the term given to his one-of-a-kind incredible learning environment, originally started and still growing strong in the Bronx and now spreading out around the world.

Green Bronx Machine

On breaks from college, Daughter Michaela Ritz is an ever-present force of her own at CS-55.

Over the three days our crew was embedded in CS-55, the school where Stephen voluntarily spends most of his life (along with his wife Lizette and adult daughter Michaela), our unique perspective allowed witness to a man fully present in his life’s mission—to nurture his students with love and respect. It moved us to tears more than once as we savored every moment of joy and energy radiating from his students in response.

Green Bronx Machine

Former White House pastry chef Bill Yosses has become an integral part of the Green Bronx Machine volunteer force.

It only takes a moment after meeting Stephen to know that this is a man devoted to changing the lives of his students. Through passion, patience, and the power of a plant that produces real food (as in fresh fruits and vegetables), Stephen Ritz and his Green Bronx Machine are building healthy minds and bodies and empowering thousands of children to discover and exploit the potential they never knew they had.

Green Bronx Machine

Stephen Ritz is like the Pied Piper. Students savor every moment of “Mr. Ritz time”.

Although this episode packs a lot into a 22-minute show, you can learn much more of the story behind it all. The Power of a Plant is the recently released book on the extraordinary journey of Stephen Ritz—indeed one of the world’s most genuine heroes and important role models of our time.