Week 2: Aeroponics!

Video Training

Lesson 1: Tower Garden Puzzler

How to Assemble Your Tower Garden: Step-by-step Assembly Instructions
Progressive Plant Growing is a Blooming Business
Vertical Aeroponic Technology: See How Tower Garden® Works

Lesson 2: Germination Calculation

Lesson 3: DIY Seed Packets

Junior Master Gardener Monocot vs. Dicot webpage
Time Lapse Video Germination of Seed
Veggie Gardener
DK Find Out: Plants
PBS Learning Media: From Seed to Flower

Digging Deeper

Class Blog
Blogging Guidelines on 4B’s Learning Journey
Ms. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog

Staple Crops Around the World
National Geographic’s Staple Food Crops Around the World

In the Kitchen
Sprout Recipes
Moong Sprout Salad
Smoothie with Broccoli Sprouts

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