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Knowledge, education, and innovation are the main ingredients of Green Bronx Machine, the non-profit organization led by Stephen Ritz who turns marginalized students into inclusive and thriving communities through urban farming! One of its main tools? Tower Garden, that makes plants grow without soil! 📚🌱 Future Food Institute #FF4CC #smartcities #didacta #foodinnovation #futurefoodinstitute #foodshapers #foodtech[…]

Stephen Ritz talks Green Bronx Machine – Food Future Institute

TRANSCRIPTION: My name is Steven Ritz. I am the author of The Power of the Plant and founder of Green Bronx Machine and we are here in the National Health Wellness and Learning Center celebrating the art of healthy living because I believe the art and science of growing vegetables aligned to content area instruction[…]

Bronx Food Warriors – The Bronx, 57.5% on 1Number | The Karma Network

“You don’t run a Ferrari on vinegar,” said Stephen Ritz, Bronx native and award-winning food-focused educator. We follow his story (and his cheese hat) through his home borough to point to the nutrition-linked causes of poor graduation rates in the Bronx. Then we head to Gotham Greens, an investor-backed urban farm and greenhouse already changing[…]

Growing a Greener World – EMMY WINNING Episode 808

In the years of creating episodes for our national television series, Growing a Greener World on PBS, we’ve had the privilege of meeting and featuring some of the world’s most genuine heroes to tell their extraordinary stories. Each is doing something incredible for people or the planet through organic gardening, healthy food, nurturing sustainable lifestyles[…]

GreenBiz – Stephen Ritz on growing both veggies and kids in the South Bronx

Stephen Ritz of the Green Bronx Machine dishes on coupling urban farming and economic development in the South Bronx at VERGE 2015. “Engaged communities are healthy communities, and healthy communities are resilient communities,” said Ritz. The Green Bronx Machine engages the community with its school programs where kids grow food in their local urban environment[…]

Office Depot Feature

Office Depot Highlights Stephen Ritz:
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